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Quick Tips For Mobile Friendly Web Design

Importance of mobile friendly web design in stats

People now spend 60% of their digital media time on mobile devices, according to comScore. This move to quite heavy mobile phone usage happens to be fast, which includes a remarkable rise in mobile sites traffic taking place within just the last 5 years.

A lot of people have skipped the desktop computer experience entirely. Their only relationship with the Web is through portable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Choose appropriate web page dimensions

The typical smartphone’s display screen ranges in size from 4 to 6 in .A and great mobile phone style keeps this array in mind. Just adjusting your desktop web design to a mobile one can result in text that is too small or text that is organized in prohibitively dense blocks, as well as a variety of other layout issues.

Consider creating your website design from scratch using mobile friendly web design themes. With mobile web design themes, layouts are managed by relative dimensions-not specific pixel sizes. This allows for a much more pleasant consumer experience throughout several screen dimensions.

Make it easy for visitors to contact you

From scrolling to typing and tapping, the “contact us” function is obviously the most important element of the mobile site experience. How well you style with this component can make it easy for potential customers to contact you.

Big easy to read buttons kept on the first fold of the viewable screen is essential to call to action and acquire new customers.

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